Tokyowheel CORE Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels

Hey James,

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Hi everyone, now that we’ve released our new road wheels were going to focus on getting you guys some awesome MTB wheels ASAP. I’d really appreciate your feedback on the following product line specs. Let me know if you are interested in these products or are interested in anything else.

The product line will start as 2 models:

‘M1’ for Cross Country: External Width 28mm, Internal Width 22mm, for tire sizes up to 2.3" and suspension travel up to 130mm

‘M2’ for Enduro/ All Mountain: External Width 35mm, Internal Width 31mm, for tire sizes over 2.3" and suspension travel over 130mm

Both models will be available in 27.5" and 29" (no 26").
They will have the usual options of disc rotor mounts (6 bolt, center loc), and axel types.

Let me know if you are interested in that, and any negative feedback you have.

Thanks! I really look forwards to making these products for you!

I ride in fixed gear and fat bike, maybe a carbon wheel for my fat bike could be amazing, these fat bikes use to weight a ton, with carbon wheels for sure the rides will be better.

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For me making sure the will will handle a 230 pounds rider is very important. Also make sure front wheel is available in predictive steering and rear wheel in boost setup.

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Tremendous development! I ride 95% off road now and my best bikes are a Niner Jet with old school(?) QR hubs, currently DT Swiss 190 ceramic laced to Roval rims. I would like to go to wider rims without a weight penalty.

The other is a Pivot Les Fat with 150X20 /197X15 and Mulefut 26 rims. I am shopping now for a carbon 29+ wheel set with a XD cassette to run 29X3 in the Summer

I think I heard that a speed record was set on the continental divide race by a rider on carbon rims! Pretty impressive for those not sure about the strength and durability of carbon on a mtb

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Hey @Raoul_Castaneda, if you find info about that continental divide record post a link; I’d like to read about it.

Hi James,
I was just going through the old forum and noticed this post. I have ordered the CORE MTB wheels (XC) on Feb 1st. After several queries, I have been told that only 6 bolt (not centerlock) hubs are an option and that the recommended spoke count should be 28:32 and not 24:28 for improved stiffness.

  1. I understand the spoke count to improve stiffness but would appreciate your view - will all XC wheels be 28:32 moving forward?

  2. WHat is the reason for not providing a centerlock upgrade option for CORE Mtb?
    Many thanks

Hi @Bobidiemus,

Thanks for your post. I completely agree with you. We should offer a centerloc hub option, and bump up the spoke counts across all models. Also, i think we should expand to offer a variety of rim internal widths as well.

Your points are duly noted, and we’ll integrate that into the next update of the CORE product line, which I’m estimating we’ll probably be able to launch in about 6+ months. Thanks so much for your input!