Tokyowheel Factory Tour [Video]

I think you all will enjoy this in-depth tour of the Tokyowheel Factory.

Let me know any comments or criticism you have. Thanks!


Very detail about how the Tokyowheel was create in the factory. James u r doing an amazing job of giving us details of how the wheel was built n the process. James now we need to put Tokyowheel in wind tunnel testing that way people have more understanding of the aerodynamic n such.

I agree 100%. This is a project that’s already in the works and I will make sure you and the rest of the community are very involved in the process. (We’ve got more planned than just basic wind tunnel testing)

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Enjoyed the video and the detailled technical info how a wheel is actually build was very enriching!

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Wow! That was great James…this level of transparency is rare, and I think this will go a long way towards making this project a success for you!

Along the same vein, and relating to the Brand Reps/Sponsorship discussion- maybe there should be a ‘Product knowledge manual’ and demonstration kit (Rim profiles/cutaways, hub cutaways, pieces of Pre-Preg Carbon finer, who knows what else?) given to would-be ambassadors/reps of the brand. These would-be reps would have to study the materials and pass an online product-knowledge test before they receive any discounted product/benefits. Once the test is passed and the reps are at work for Tokyowheel, they could use their demonstration kit and their knowledge of the product and its construction to explain details to potential customers?