Tokyowheel is Going "Open Source"

We are taking Tokyowheel in a new and exciting direction. We are going 'Open Source. This means that we are going to put all possible decisions and information up for discussion and collaboration. This forum is the central meeting point for everyone that wants to participate.

We are going to use this space as a ‘workroom’ of sorts to get our processes and the background for decisions out into the public.

We believe this will build trust and let everyone see the reasoning behind product design choices and company policy choices. More importantly this will allow us to get feedback from the people that matter most, YOU.

Feel free to post comments and criticism to anything, and if you see a way for yourself to get more involved, let us know. We welcome you to team Tokyowheel!

Open source is something that is very common in software, but I don’t see this approach taken for product businesses often. Has anyone seen this before and if so, could you show an example of a company doing it well that we could learn from. One that I know of would be, another would be our friends at with their design blog.

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I love the concept! This sounds like a great way to develop a company and provide consistant feedback, especially since most feedback is generally only from the ‘extremists’ (ie. people who either HATE or LOVE a product), having a subjective encompassing approach sounds great for further development!

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