Tokyowheel Italy

This thread is a place for Italians interested in Tokyowheel to ask questions and discuss.

Hi James, my name is Luca and I’m an Italian diplomat posted and riding in Nigeria at the moment.

I’m very interested in your wheels and would like to ask you about quality of extralight ceramic hubs upgrade vs dtswiss hubs upgrade.

Pleas honestly tell me if dtswiss is still better of tokyowheel hubs so I can decide properly.

I’m looking forward to buy a climbing wheelset so I guess I have to opt for epic 38 tubolar or the new model will be very very soon released?

Last but not least, what about yokyowheel in Italy?

Luca Massetti

Hi Luca,

Thanks for asking. I would recommend the DT Swiss, we’ve had some issues with the ceramic bearings on the Vapor Ceramic Hubs recently. As for new wheels, you’ll probably have to wait a very long time for new tubulars (6 months+), so I’d go for the ones now if I were you. Let me know if you have any other questions or need anything. Thanks!

Thanks James,
No other issues, I will submit my orther next days.

Do you produce carbon rear disk wheel?

Hi James,

  1. Is there any place in Italy where to try tokyowheel set?

  2. If I’m going to buy a wheelset of epic38 for my personal use would it be possible to have a 60/80 demo wheelset to be used by a couple of my team atheletes competing in IM70.3 budapest and IM 70.3 world championships in Zell am see-kaprun next august?
    This is just an idea, I’m the co-founder of Zona Cambio Triathlon team and this could be a good start as many as our athletes cannot afford the top brands wheels as LW, ENVE or others so if tokyowheels gets a great feedback from our elite age group athletes it may be a great opportunity for them to buy it.

Luca Massetti

Thanks Luca, great to hear. Sorry but we don’t have any dealers in Italy right now. We’re setting up our dealer system at the moment and will have some dealers there in the next year. As for demo we can certainly discuss helping you and your team out. We don’t currently send out demo wheelsets, we just do our 65 day test ride instead. But let me know your ideas for you club and we’ll consider anything.

Hi James, thank you for your kind and fast reply.
My idea is that, as I cannot decide for my teammates if to buy or not a wheelset, is that I buy a pair of epic 38 for myself and in the same shipping you send me a demo epic60/88 that my 3 teammates will use in IM 70.3 world championship in zell am see-kaprun, in IM 70.3 Budapest and in IM 70.3 Pula.
By the end of this period I will send you back the wheels having plenty of comments from the guys that raced so the other teammates can decide to buy new wheelset for them.
I’ve read that shipping from/to Italy would be 131 euros and I’m available to pay this shipping back price on my own to give my team the opportunity to test the wheels.
Please let me know if this can work or not and in case if you have different possible solutions.

Luca Massetti

Hi Luca. My name’s Kane and I work at Tokyowheel. Congratulations on your riding it sounds like it’s going well. I’ve just responded to the email you sent in. If you need anything more from me please let me know. Thanks!

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