Tokyowheel Roadmap

This is a public version of the Tokyowheel Product Road map. Feel free to discuss or criticize any aspect of our plan and execution. Make request for the changes that you would like to see, and if our priorities are out of balance, please give you suggestion on the matter. We are a company built on customer service, and your feedback is our priority.

Status Definitions:

  • Planning: An idea that has a strong vision and a full plan of action items is being created.
  • Production: We are actively working on this Item.
  • Shipped: We have completed this item and it is publicly available.

Tokyowheel Roadmap

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Items That Are Currently Not Linked To a Detailed Post, Will Be Linked Soon

  • Strava Club - Shipped

  • Factory Tour Video - Shipped

  • Laser Etching on Hubs - Shipped

  • Upgraded Phone Support - Shipped

  • Road Disc Hubs - Shipped

  • 1 Day Shipping to USA (Via Amazon Prime) - Planning

  • Rider Stories - Planning

  • Product Detail Video - Shipped

  • Add Warranties, Guarantees & Services Explanation to Carbon Wheels 101 Emails - Planning

  • Sponsorship Program - Planning

  • Ambassador Program - Planning

  • Live Video Showroom - Planning

  • Promo Materials (Stickers, Banners, Water Bottles, Etc.) - Planning

  • Cycling Kit - Production

  • Off The Bike Clothes - Planning

  • Hub & Spoke Option Comparison - Planning

  • Facebook Advertising - Planning

  • Hire Ecommerce & Support Assistant - Planning

  • Instagram & Facebook Competition - Planning

  • Strava Competitions - Planning

  • New Wheel Shipping Box - Planning

  • Update Product Packaging (Tags, Accessories, Manuals) - Planning

  • Multilingual + Multi Currency Website - Planning

  • Dealer and Team Sales Login To Website - Planning

  • Online Factory Quality Control Metrics - Planning

  • Country Manager Program - Planning

  • Wheel Setup, Cassette + Valve Extension + Tire Installation, Quickstart Guide - Planning

  • Maintenance Tutorials - Planning

  • Hire Outbound Sales - Planning

  • Accessory Cassette Alloy & Titanium - Planning

  • Publish Wind Tunnel Testing Data - Planning

  • Tokyowheel 3.0 Clincher Rims - Planning

  • Wide Rim Specific Brake Pads - Production

  • Easier Wheel Choice on Website - Planning

  • Multi-Brand Braking & Stiffness Performance Testing - Planning

  • Comparison With Other Brand’s Wheels on Website - Planning

  • PR Online Cycling Blog/Magazine Reviews - Planning

  • Clincher Disc Rear Wheel - Planning

  • Tokyowheel 3.0 Tubular Rims - Planning

  • 24/7 Live Video Showroom - Planning

  • Carbon Road Disc Fork - On Hold

  • Tokyowheel Carbon Hubs - Planning

  • Mountain Bike Wheels - Planning

  • Tokyowheel Smart Hubs - Planning

  • Custom Sized Titanium ‘2nd Bike’ Frames - On Hold


Shipped - Check it out here


This is fantastic to see James… & how your business is growing, expanding, progressing… you’re clearly heading in the right direction, & gaining confidence in the market

I’d personally expect to see a nearly ubiquitous move to wider 25c’s & wider rims in the coming months/years… as we saw in the Giro this year…

Looking forward to see your work in this area when you’re ready & am sure you’ll do an excellent job!

Thanks for sharing, Andrew

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Thanks @andrewpalmer0, I’d love to get your feedback on our upcoming, next generation rim design. I think everyone will enjoy participating in that project. I will be posting details soon, and doing my best to keep everyone organized and solicit ideas and feedback in an efficient way. Thanks again for your support!

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