Tokyowheel Strava Club

Join the Tokyowheel Strava Club Here

If you aren’t on Strava already, then you will certainly enjoy it. It’s a ride tracking and competition app for you Smartphone.

We will be running competitions via this club. Our idea is to run a monthly competition along the lines of ‘Most Meters Climbed’, ‘Most Miles Riden’, etc. and giveaway prizes to the winners.

Disclaimer, I am not sure the limitations of the strava plaform for doing this type of thing, so we will have to work within their capabilities.

To get started, join here . Post any ideas or suggestiosn you have for how Tokyowheel should utilize Strava.

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We just invited our email list to join our Strava club. I have to make a small apology. In general when emailing a mailing list its necessary to include an unsubscribe link in the email. It’s common courtesy and the law. No one likes spam. In this instance because we were inviting via Strava, there is no way to add an unsubscribe link to our email list on the Strava invitation. Sorry for that!

I’m already in the community and making Strava Tokyowheel of kilometers / miles, to see if more people are joining and we can make a great community Tokyowheel and see our careers, training, …

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