Tokyowheel vs Psimet vs Planet-X

A customer sent in this question, and I didn’t feel we could give an unbiased answer so I thought it more appropriate to turn the question to the community. If anyone has experience with these other brands or thoughts, then please add to the discussion here. Thanks!

I’m looking into all-round purpose deeper tubular wheel options for the upcoming season. I’m on a budget for myself as I ride for an amateur team with no budget.
I have several alternatives, like psimet, tokyo, planet-x.

What is your opinion, why should I choose you over say PlanetX newest in the category CT45:

I would guess that the performance of the wheels ( Tokyo wheels - Planet X ) are similar, but one thing that would make me choose the Tokyo wheels for tubular are the nipples that are external on the Tokyowheels and internal on the Planet X wheels.
Im not a fan of internal nipples and especially on tubular wheels since truing them makes me need to dismount the glued tubulars.
My experience is also that Tokyowheels are better when it comes to interaction with customers and customer service.

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Planet X has good customer service. I live in the U.S. and order from them all the time. I don’t own any of their wheels. They tend to run on the heavy side but the price is cheap. What do they charge for ship. & customs, if any. Who pays for returns? I would look into that. Their wheels seem better suited for training than racing.

PSIMET needs to update that website. You can only get a price on road wheels if you email them with a specific configuration. Are we back in 1998? Get a new webmaster. They should have a site where we can pick and choose from a menu and get a quote on the spot. With limited information available from their website, it seems they have something to hide. Not worth my time.

As for Tokyo wheels, I’m am ready to pick up a set of the 50 carbon clinchers. Just waiting for the tax return.


Hey Rob,
Hope your return arrives soon. I have both the Epic 50 and 38s; think you’re going to love the 50 carbon clinchers. Which hub are you going with? I have the DTSwiss 240s for the 50s and the Tokyowheel Vapor hub for my Epic 38s. Let the forum know your feedback once you get your wheels.

I may go to the 38’s. Not sure right now. Maybe the 38-50 combo? Hubs? I have no clue. I’ll have to research that. Those 240’s look nice but are they worth the extra $400?

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Hi Rob, At this time I don’t have any data to suggest one way or the other. The DTSwiss 240’s I bought were right after Tokyowheel first began offering wheels in the United States and are not the straight pull model. I haven’t needed to service either clincher sett at this time. I also have the Elite 38 with disc brake Vapor hubs for my CX bike but those too haven’t needed service. Those wheels only have limited use but the Epic 38s have a lot of miles. At some point all wheels will need service or preventative maintenance and I’ll let the forum know about getting replacement parts for the Vapor hubs. What I can say is that both sets of Vapor hubs are smooth; yes I know that’s subjective but that’s how I’d describe them. I spoke to James about the bearings when he was visiting my hometown last summer but I can’t recall the bearing specifics. Just ask him, he’s very open to discuss. What I do wish is that the Vapor hubs were straight pull.

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Hey @attilashelton,

Are the Vapour Hubs on your 38mm the standard or the ceramic versions?


Hi @attilashelton and @CWayman, thanks for the great posts. I’ll just add in some info. We’ve actually had a lot of trouble with bearings this year. The root cause is the Made in USA Enduro Ceramic bearings that we used to build into the Vapor Ceramic hubs. They seem to wear out way to quick. Because of this we have:

  1. Switch to a more reliable ceramic bearing made by TPI/NTN. All the Vapor Ceramic hubs come with this bearing set now.

  2. We also replace any worn out bearings under warranty. This is not a usual thing in the industry, but we want to support our riders 110%, and are happy to do this for anyone who wears out their bearings prematurely.

If anyone has experiences or info about their bearings, we really appreciate hearings about it. We maintain a 2-way dialogue with our customers and learn things from the community that are very helpful. Thanks!

Hi James,
It’s good to hear the root cause analysis led you to the Enduro Ceramic bearings and a fix put into place. Will the 3rdGen wheels have redesigned hubs?

Hi @CWayman,
Sorry for the slow reply; been on holiday with my wife and where we camped we didn’t have internet. Back to civilization and catching up on the news and updates on Tour de France. My hubs Epic 38s are the standard version. I’m not sure on my Elite 38s (disc hubs) if standard bearings or ceramic but I’m pretty certain standard; the website only states ‘sealed cartridge bearings’.