Tokyowheel Winter Product Line

Do you ride in the winter?

Or, do you dislike cycling in the cold, and the winter is your off-season?

Tokyowheel® is planning a winter product line.

I would personally like to get your feedback on these products, and ask you some questions. Here are my questions:

What winter cycling products are you planning to buy this year?

If you are not cycling in the winter, what other sports and lifestyle activities are you doing?

Would you be interested in purchasing a very warm winter cycling kit?

Let me know, and I will support you with the best winter products possible. Thanks :+1::biking_man:t2:

I do ride in the winter. Cross and fat bike. Gloves bibs thermal jersey that still wicks. Seems I sweat more in the winter. Check out 45 north product line. They seem very dedicated to true cold weather riding. They would be one of your competitors.

Great info Mitch, 45 north stuff looks great! I will check them out more. Thanks!

I try to ride/commute all winter - did so in Germany as well - usually use CCX until the snow is too bad, then MTB. Good, thick bib tights then move to snow pants as the temps drop. Need big tires - spikes necessary once it gets icy. Most of my gear from Decathlon and in layers.

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