Tokyowheels for Racing

Post your experiences or concerns about using Tokyowheels for serious amateur or professional racing.

I have raced a full season of triathlon on my EPIC88 clinchers and now train on EPIC38 clinchers too. My races have ranged from 30km rides to full 180km IM distances. The IM I completed in May was at Port Macquarie which is renowned for poor road surface, lots of hills and this day was very windy, my race wheels did a great job and were still easy enough to handle in the strong cross winds.

The only thing I have changed is brake pads, as mine began to wear rather quickly (although working effectively).

I will be competing next season 2015. I’ve raced a couple events with my set of 38/50 epics. A few criteriums and the Bixby cycles Eddy Merckx cat #4 individual T.T. And the wheels worked and performed very well, only issue I came across was breaking power. On steep fast hills and fast paced crits I experienced moderate brake fade. And on fast decents, slight noise and lite vibration under hard breaking. Other than that I’m very happy, and excited to be riding tokyowheels into this upcoming 2015 racing season. And look forward to seeing the the new 2015 UCI Certified tokyowheel lineup. As well as other new exciting cycling innovations by tokyowheel.

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Hey @Waino

Would you say for Triathlon it is worth going for the Epic 88’s over the Epic 88/60? I have signed up for Ironman Mallorca 70.3 and the full distance for 2016.

I have read that some consider the winds to effect them on the 88’s as suppose to the 88/60. Just wondering how string the wind was and if you didnt mind what weight you were?

I am 76kg and wondering if I could handle the 88’s in windy conditions as otherwise I am going to go for the 88/60.

Also which hubs did you go for?


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Hi @CWayman

I’m 69kg and have 88’s and also 50 front to give me options. If I was buying one set of Tokyo wheels I’d go for the 88/60 to be safe. The extra depth at the front will have marginal aero gains on the straight, but can be a pain in strong winds.


Thanks @Waino that has helped a lot!

Have you had any problems with your tokyowheels so far or are you mainly impressed?

which hubs have you gone for?

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No worries @CWayman

My wheels have been great for racing and training (I have a set of 38’s for training). I have the standard hubs and have had no issues. I rode Zipps before, including Hawaii Ironman, Australian Ironman and my Tokyowheels have performed very well and I will continue to ride them, including Hawaii Ironman again this year.


I’ve have collected more than 6 podiums, and 4 top 10 finishes this year on my Tokyowheel’s! They have performed flawlessly in criteriums & road races all year, and I have been nothing but happy with Thier performance. Thanks Tokyowheel!

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Great pics @lesleymyrick

I am looking to buy a set of 50/38 for this very same time of racing what hubs did you go for?

I am looking at going standard vapor for my 88/60 purchase but wondering what you went for for your type of racing?

Or am I worrying to much about the little things?



Hey CWayman. Myrick here, and I ordered the ceramic hubs over the vapor hubs for Thier added lightness and performance gains. I’m sure that whatever hub you decided to go with that you will be happy with your purchase. Good luck and thank you for the kind words brother!

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Which rim depths are you using? 38mm tubular for front/rear?

I’ve decided to split the difference and order EPIC 60’s for both front and back, for Tri’s as well as regular non tri road races. I need to use the same bike for both and don’t have a tri-bike. It’s a Cervelo s5.

S5 is a fine bike and the drag figures I’ve seen make it a great road bike and very competitive as a tri bike. If it’s a new S5 then you can easily run the 25 mm tires on those new Epic 60s.

I run a set of 38s for criteriums, and a set of 50/38 Clincher’s for most R.R’s.

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