Tokyowheels Spec'd on a bike manufacturer?

Well, I had 3 sets of Tokyowheels, now I’m down to 2. No I didn’t crash a set but I got a new cyclocross bike with disc brakes so I gave my brand new Elite 38 rim brake wheelset to my coach since he is on cantilever this season for CX. I’m about to buy new disc wheels but was looking at my new CX bike that came spec’d with disc carbon clinchers and wondered how could Tokyowheel get spec’d on a bike brand? Most of the big companies own their own wheel company but some of the smaller brands don’t so I was just thinking. Is that an avenue that would benefit Tokyowheel or would the ROI not be worth it? Just curious. Thoughts?

Very interesting idea. Do you have any examples of a brand that you think would be ideal?

Hmmm, not really sure. I think it’d need to be an up and coming bike brand. My Fuji Altamira CX came with the Fuji ‘house brand’ Oval carbon clinchers. I know Specialized bikes tend to come spec’d with Roval wheels which they own. A lot of the Cannondale bikes seem to have Mavic wheels. Maybe others on the forum have ideas.

Do you think the bike manufacturer would need to be one that is small & fairly well established or could it be small to medium and not well known or a small upstart?

Look at Foundry bikes; saw a couple of their latest frames all dressed up. 1 had SRAM CX-1 and the other had Rival build. I don’t know anything about the company & I get the feeling they are small. It appears they make “spec” bikes and possibly full on custom. The “spec” bike line seems to be where you’d want to focus getting Tokyowheel in the proverbial door.

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