Tubes or no tubes for Triathlon

Wanting to hear from the community or TokyoWheel on advantages and disadvantages between clinchers or tubulars. Changing clinchers is got to be tougher if not impossible to change by yourself out on the road.

I’m not a triathletes so my opinion probably isn’t useful. I prefer tubulars for criteriums and cyclocross where cornering is a major factor. For road races I prefer clincher or tubeless. Tubeless has less rolling resistance but fewer models available from tire manufacturers. If you flat with a clincher or tubeless clincher then throw in a tube and continue to ride. Flat on a tubular and you have to peel the tire off and re-glue. Clincher and tubeless are less expensive than tubular and there are very few people who repair tubulars. Running a sealant like Orange Seal lessens the chance of flats but not guarantee. Tubulars can be run at much less pressure which allows more casing flexibility which in turn means more contact of treat with the road.
It’ll be nice to see comments from triathletes on the forum who have ridden clinchers, tubeless, and tubulars.