UCI Approved?

I’m wondering if the Epic 5.6 Wheelset (non-disc) is UCI Approved or not. I’ve been seeing conflicting information. On the main page for the wheelset (https://www.tokyowheel.com/products/epic-5-6-carbon-clincher-wheelset), there’s a graphic that implies it is approved, but I’ve seen several forum posts (by James) that state otherwise. Many of these forum posts are quite recent.

I’m aware that the company is only a few years old, and things are probably moving very quickly on things like this, so it’s certainly possible that the new 2016/2017 model of the wheelset is UCI Approved while older models are not.

While we’re on the subject, how often and when is the product line for Tokyo Wheels updated? I’m interested in buying a pair of the 5.6 Clinchers and would like to buy the newest model possible. When do the 2017 or 2018 models drop, so to speak?


Hey @Adrian_Hansen, great question. Yes they are approved. You can read more on our announcement blog post here. https://www.tokyowheel.com/blog/uci-wheels

Thanks for pointing out that some of our forum posts and things need to be updated to reflect this.

About release schedule. Now we’re working on MTB wheels, and complete bikes, so if you get the current models of road wheels, they’ll be the newest possible for quite some time.

Thanks again for the questions!

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Thanks for the quick reply! That definitely puts my mind at ease about safety (I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about foreign wheels, not that most wheels aren’t “foreign” anyway).

And that’s exciting about the complete bikes, do you have any timeframe for when that might be happening?

Hey Adrian, about complete bikes, I can’t give a specific launch date now, but I will begin engaging the community in a dialogue about them, and I’d like to have the whole proceeds be collaborative and transparent with the community.

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