Unstable in crosswinds: Epic 88 Carbon Clincher Wheelset

I’ve raced several 70.3 and 140.6 ironman races on these wheels, and am very happy. They are very robust and provide the aerodynamic performance I expected.

One problem is instability in cross winds. Theres a definite death wobble at speed under cross wind conditions, if I enter a cross wind area, especially when emerging from protected air, the front wheel becomes highly unstable, with a scary wobble effect.

In crosswind conditions, Instinct was to get off the aeros and back on the grips to HOLD ON! and that works OK but doesn’t solve the issue. Staying in Aero and LEANING IN to keep weight on the wheel helps somewhat, but I remain very nervous in the aero position with remaining wobble,

On one occasion, a cross wind blast almost took the front wheel out from under me.

I’d like any advice or thoughts on this issue. Thanks all PvdR

The general recommendation is to use a lower profile front wheel, like the Epic 60 in windy conditions.

Hi All,

This is definitely a wheel choice/handling/weight issue. I rode Port Mac Ironman this year in very strong cross winds, especially when descending back into town on each lap at 60kph+. With the depth of my 88’s the wind definitely takes hold, but I still felt they handled well and were responsive in terms of me being able to direct my bike and correct my line if necessary. Def recommend a 50mm in this situation for future.

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