Vapor Hubs

I have 3 sets of Tokyowheels and one thing I’ve been asked by a few people about my wheels is oddly about the hubs. One set was built with DT Swiss 240s but the other 2 are the standard Vapor hub and people wonder about durability. I’m not able to provide anything useful since the DT Swiss hubs are 1 yr old and the Vapor hubs have low miles as of now. I’ll track mileage and conditions as I put more time on the Vapor hubs but then again it’ll only be an n=2.

I’ve have the ceramic vapor hubs and so far with over 3500 mi on them so far so good. Terrain has been a mixed bag of surfaces and elevation. From gravel to smooth and moderately rough roads. And from very flat Oklahoma rolling hills to the mountains in Colorado. They hubs have only shown slight and usual wear where the cassette is installed with just some indentation from the force put on the cassette. Bearings are still smooth as silk and roll with ease.

Thank you Les for your service. It is good to hear the hubs are holding up well so far. I have a set of Vapor hubs for my tubie cyclocross wheels so they’ll definitely get a good dose of dirt, mud, grit, and water. I don’t expect they’ll not need service because most wheel do need preventative maintenance of some sort but if/when the bearings go I’d like to know where to go to get replacements. I’ll just ask James if that time comes.

The only issue we’ve ever had with our Vapor hubs was with the bearings. We used to use Enduro bearings (USA), and we had a flood of bearing related warranty issues, each happening after about a month of use. Because of this we switched bearings to TPI, which is a Taiwanese manufacturer. They are a more expensive bearing set and we didn’t raise the hubset price. Since that implementation we havn’t had any hub warranty issues.

The real issue with the hubs now is that we havn’t been marking them with the Tokyowheel label. It’s one of those small but important things, that just happen to ‘slip through the cracks’. We have a laser etcher locally and will begin lazering a tasteful logo onto the hubs.

Any other feedback or criticism in very welcome!

I think the laser etching or some other label on the hubs just adds a bit of class to the end product. Doesn’t have to be fancy, look at the DT Swiss hubs which simply use a sticker.


Sorry, I haven’t been active in the discussions, but I’d really like to know which are the differences between the Vapor Hubs and DT Swiss. Could anyone help me?

Hey @ehode

As far I can tell the Swiss use a ratchet system which is their own engineering I believe which allows for a quick tooless swap (Allen key minimum). Where as the Vapor hubs are a pawl system.

This is a very good explanation I found on hubs.

So far with my research and discussions with James and Kane from TW I am thinking of going Vapour Hub of that helps.