What Bike Do You Want Next?

Quick question…

What type of bike do you think you’ll get next? Aero road bike, disc brake road bike, gravel road bike, enduro mountain bike, electric mtb, smart road bike with online coching? The reason why I ask is that We’re working on producing a line of new complete bikes I want to work with you and the rest of the community to build our first complete bikes based on your desires and feedback.

I look forwards to supporting you all with something you’ll really love, that will transform your lives for the better!

  • Aero road bike
  • Disc brake road bike
  • Gravel road bike
  • Hartail MTB
  • Full Suspension mountain bike
  • Fat bike
  • Touring/ Bikepacking bike
  • Electric mtb
  • Smart road bike with online coching

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Comment any other types and I’ll add them to the poll.
Let me know any features you’re looking for in your next bike.

Interesting indeed James, my next bike will likely be something like Canyon Aeroad - likely this model and budget: https://www.canyon.com/en/road/aeroad/2017/aeroad-cf-slx-8-0-di2.html

None of the above! :wink:

As a 2nd bike, I’d be more inclined to go for something a bit classic… 953, or Ti… & can take the bumps & knocks of trekking around on trains/planes, with good tire clearance.

I will be purchasing a S-Works Venge Vias or a Canyon aero road bike.

I’m surprised that people would say anything but Disc Brake Road Bike, as the trend is clearly in that direction. It’s just a matter of time before UCI makes disc brakes standard in pro racing. Within five years rim brakes will be part of the past. If you look at major bike manufacturers, Giant, Specialized, Trek, Felt, etc., most of the design dollars and new road models have disc brakes. I live in Boulder County Colorado, and the trend towards road disc is obvious here. When you are descending mountain roads in changing weather, the security and safety of disc brakes is just phenomenal.

I already have a climbing and aero bike so the next one would be a ti cross/gravel

Hi James, my new bike is already on order- an ultra lightweight custom-build tri bike. I’m sponsored now by a company dealing with Boardman Bikes and Blktec. So the frame will be a TTE9.8 with SRAM Red eTap and the lightest bars and wheels from Blktec. I want it as a fast sprinting bike suitable for short, technical, hilly triathlons as opposed to my P5 Six which is great on long, flat courses but a pig on twisty routes with any gradient!

Smart TT bike - incorporate real time aero, power data and fit data. Thought it was a new idea until I saw this: http://road.cc/content/tech-news/203219-argon-18-develops-concept-bike-real-time-aerodynamics

Ideally, my next bike will be an aero road bike with disc brakes.

I literally just bought a Specialized Roubaix Comp last week!

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I am looking for an aero road with disc. What I really want is a an aero road that has wheels sized for 28mm tires. This is the best arrangement for comfort – regardless of how stiff the bike is. Big tires – less need to have a compliant bike. I am actually looking for a triathlon/TT bike which allows big 28mm wheels and tires so that the Ironman is a cruise and my stomach can digest the food I am ingesting.

A recumbent trike from carbontrike out of sweeden

Purchased a Specialized 2017 Roubaix at the beginning of this year!
It also came with a S.W.A.T. Box!

For my 2nd bike, I’m going classic steel or Ti frame road bike. I’d want disc wheels and a frame that can handle wheels from 25 to 32mm tires. Looking at a Lynskey Gravel bike.

I am more of road bikes as I do triathlons. I have a mountain bike that I am not using for a long time but I still love it. I would like Tokyo wheel to make a pure carbon disc wheel.

Hi Pegelund just thought I would let you know that I have recently purchased a Canyon Aeroad and it is by far the best bike that I have ever ridden. Its stiff Aero and very fast.The surprising thing is that it is also a fantastic climber and the most comfortable bike that I own. The other surprise was that the Tokyowheel 5.6 was by far the most responsive wheel on this bike. I have also used Enve 4.5 and Zipp NSW 303s. It weighs 6.9kg with pedals. Aero frames have come a long way and are definitely the way to go unless you intend to ride over 150km per session.

I’ve got an aero road bike, an old TT rig, and an ancient CX bike I use for cx, gravel, commuting…

Really, the next frame I spend money on will likely be a TT with internal cable routing.

The cervelo S5 series

Really, I’m interesting in a TT integrated frame or aero road integrated frame. For me the best manufactur bikes is Canyon and Pinarello.

Aero Road Disc. The wheel rim max need to be 32mm to fit 28mm. The whole point is that the wide tire matched aerodynamically will provide comfort leaving the frame to be aerodynamic and stiff with frame compliance being a non issue. Triathlon bikes are heading this way too.f