Wheel decals

After watching the live feed for Tour of Flanders I was poking around on the interweb and something struck me about other wheel manufacturers. Seems that most manufacturers display their name more prominently while Tokyowheel is very small on the wheel and the model is more prominently displayed. For action photos that I’ve seen on this site it is easier to see he model and not so easy to see the Tokyowheel logo. It’s just my opinion but I think it’d be better on bike marketing to switch the labels sizes; make the Tokyowheel logo large and the model logo the small one. Just my observation. What do others think?


Don’t like it. I think those overly large logos aren’t in good taste.
I currently like the Tokyowheel logo. It’s small and understated but you can still see it when the wheel is stationary. Of course I think the name “EPIC” is weird but that’s another topic. When it comes to Tokyowheel written on the sides, I like the way they currently are, just two and nice understated size.
Besides when the wheels are rotating it’s not like you can see what’s printed anyway.

I’m thinking more in terms of all of the pictures I see. For example, James posted a picture on the Tokyowheel website of my friend who road Tokyowheels for this cyclocross season and it is easy to see the model in those pictures. I’m also thinking that before the start of a criterium it is very easy to pick out ZIPP, HED, ENVE, Reynolds, Mavic, etc. but someone would have to look very closely at my wheels to see the brand is Tokyowheel and not Epic or Elite. I have a few people ask me about my wheels at our weekly crit because they didn’t know who the manufacturer is…

It’s a slippery slope! Changing the wheel graphics Change the look of the wheel over all other than its round. The wheel graphics look great the way they are. In my opinion you could leave 1 of each of the Epic or elite graphics on both sides of the wheel but replace the others a larger tokyowheel graphic that’s similar in size and shape

just a thought.

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I chose black decals for my Epic 50s specifically because I like the minimalist look. The Tokyowheel decal therefore stands out but is still subtle. This was a selling point for me.
Perhaps its possible to offer both options?

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I like the fact that we can all discuss things like this on the forum. I was bringing up an observation and pondering. As did you jvam41 I too went with the ghost decals on 2 of my sets and for my 3rd set on my cyclocross rig I decided to go with a color decal. My Zipp wheels at that time of purchase only had 1 option and that is the stark white labels although I think things might have changed since 3 yrs ago. I like Lesley’s design but I’d still likely go with the ghost (black) decals.

This is an interesting and timely topic. I believe that engaging the tokyowheel community as much as possible is a great thing to do. I also believe the same about engaging our internal team members. We will certainly share as much information and ideas as possible, and listen to all feedback and suggestions, and promote participation by everyone.

But… I believe I will have to be a benevolent dictator when it comes to product design, in order to create things that are 10x better than anything else on the planet.

The big question is how to make the community and core team feel input is being respected, even if the direction we go in, is radically different.

Let me know your feedback. These are the things that keep me up at night :wink:

A core philosophy of durable design is to take as long as necessary to make a specific product or design element classic and timeless. Then don’t mess with it :slight_smile:

Nothing more frustrating than when someone “fixes” something that ain’t broke.

As far as being the “benevolent dictator” and if the community feels that our input is being respected? Hmmm, just the fact that you or someone on your team responds indicates that the idea was at least received. Statistically, the more ideas that are shared the more likely one might be something that is/can be a good idea.

Remember your first website? It reminded me of an early Alibaba style website which isn’t such a nice comparison…sorry about that but it wasn’t a nice website. Now look at the current website and how nice it is. Maybe some of the feedback from the customers helped shed some light on things we felt could be improved. Heck, my first Tokyowheels didn’t have any decals at all and now we have many choices and some of us are sharing our likes/dislikes and even drawings of designs.

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Jeffrey, thanks for your comment, it’s true, that first website was embarrassing. I’ve always very much respected your input and the rest of the communities input, and will continue to do so as much as possible. We’re thinking about you guys every day and working hard for you! Thanks again!