Wheel flex-skewer problem

Has anyone had any problems with the wheel skewers on the basic hubs. They are supposed to be made of high strength titanium but I’ve experienced a lot of wheel flex - brake rub even after applying high tension. After replacing skewers with some cheap old ones I found in a biscuit tin I noticed a considerable improvement transforming the wheels no end.

Great feedback! We’ve had a switch of skewers on our mind for a while. The issue stems from the sometimes counterproductive desire for ever more lightweight components. Titanium is actually a very flexible material compared to steel, but considerably lighter. When we update the skewers we’ll send you a set of the new ones. Thanks for the feedback!

Good info I will pay more attention tomorrow when I ride tomorrow. It may explain a noise I have heard the past two times I have gone for a ride. Once again good info!!!

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Great find - thanks. I have noticed flex but not attributed it to the skewer! I’ll change them and check for improvement.


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Let me know what you guys find your preferred skewer is. We will take that info into our new skewer design. Thanks!

I would suggest a skewer made of stainless steel,strong and resistant to corrosion with a robust clamping system similar to that used on campagnolo shamal wheels a small sacrifice for the sake of a few grams


I did noticed some noise but after tighten, it disappeared. As for flexing, none found. Perhaps my modest riding style doesn’t permit so.

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Hi James, I have found that the titanium skewers do flex considerably more that steel. I have been able to reduce the flex by over tightening them - but this doesn’t seem to be a great idea.

Hi @stolk61, thanks for letting us know. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that titanium is a very flexible metal. It’s a shame to have the stiffness of a wheelset negatively effected by the skewers, so please know that this is something we are working on. I appreciate everyone’s feedback.