Wheel Options

Over the last week or so I had a gentleman in Chicago, USA contact me through one of my video reviews of my Tokyowhels Epic 50. One item I learned is that he’s very into sprinting and a little concerned of lateral flex. I told him that I’m a lightweight rider and would never push wheels to their limits by pushing 1200+ watts for a few precious seconds but if he’s concerned then he might opt for 2-cross on the non-drive side instead of the usual radially laced. All of that said I do fee that some riders and potential customers of Tokyowheel might like the option of spoke lacing pattern as long as upgrade price is reasonable. Just a suggestion.

Great point! The guys from Rivet Racing also brought up a similar point a few months back. We made the decision to start lacing all wheelsets 2x:2x on the rear. It makes total sense from a performance perspective. We should make these types of product/policy changes a lot clearer publicly. Thanks for all your support Jeffrey.

That’s great news for those power riders. I wasn’t aware you’d made the change. Hopefully the rider in/near Chicago has contacted you and he can feel assured of even greater performance. Only having visited Chicago back in 2002 to run the marathon I don’t really know how windy it is so told him that a combo of Epic 38/50 might be his best bet. He’ll certainly appreciate how light they are. Hope all is going well James; the ankle is all healed up and finally back on the bike working with Stefan at RotheTraining to get back into shape. Take care.


I do need some advice. As a heavyweight rider, adding a new carbon set to my road bike, that size would be the best for riding flats and sprints for long distance (100km+) rides.

Alternative, If I rider wants to have the right wheels for the perfect clim? what would the recommendation be?

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