Who Should Review Tokyowheel?

The biggest short-coming of Tokyowheel has been our lack of reputable public reviews from Blogs and Magazines. We had a long roadmap of different initiatives to put our resources in and reaching out to review blogs was, in hindsight, prioritized too low. Let’s fix that! We need your help though. What would be the ultimate hit-list of blogs and magazines to have reviews by? Include Links, and if you have insider contacts, let us know.

Bike Radar, Cycling News, CXMagazine, and definitely Slowtwitch. Those would be my recommendations for a list to get started with. I’m not a tri person so not too familiar with those. The one thing in the back of my mind is the “aero data” that people tend to get hung up on. People might still ask for non-biased wind tunnel data which isn’t cheap for Tokyowheel nor whomever might test a group of wheel manufacturers.
I’m not sure to whom to contact to get your wheels in queue for a review but most sites seem to have emails listed for tech/product reviews. Keep us posted on how things are progressing.

Actual athletes are the most important. Find teams (like mine, www.triplethreattriathlon.com). Sending a set of wheels in exchange for an unbiased review is mutually beneficial. It will drive traffic to our site and yours, and provide another place for potential shoppers to vet out the product.

Wind Tunnel data is one thing. We all know it can be twisted.

Important thing here is timing. It’s triathlon season, and soon people will have committed to whatever equipment decisions they plan to make for the coming year.

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Doing reviews by providing wheels for free does not create a biased -win/win balance, unless the wheels are returned at the end. I follow some bloggers who, always state that at the end, they return the free items.
Let’s call it what it is when you provide things for free in return for something…

Great points, so when should we announce new stuff in your opinion?

I agree, there is a lot of conflict of interest in almost any format of reviewing.

I would also recommend http://www.dcrainmaker.com/ as a reviewer.

I have to agree with seanemclean, that the Tri season is starting and people are buying. Depending on where you live of course. I recently met a dealer at a Triatlon promoting some Taiwanese wheels - at around the same price range. I don’t think the races are a good place to sell and no one competitive would try the wheels in a last minute switch (unless you switch from Alu to Carbon) and that might exactly be your market. Avid people would pay for branded Zipp’s etc - just to be safe. Those like me, who are there to enjoy the road to the finish are happy to test a new experience…

The Tri market as well as the cycling seems to be booming. I live in Thailand and I can say that Triathlons are all the fashion and are hard to enter as the sell like hotcakes. Most bike races - especially the popular ones now sell out on one day. Same is said in most of SE Asia…

Only hard core riders would spend 2,000$ for a set of wheels. Avid riders like me will spend half, which is in your sweetspot. After riding 4 years on a Giant TCR with just a Shimano 105 and standard DT Swiss wheels I have made the plunge to Carbon wheels. When I bought the GIANT they told me, its a great carbon SL frame, to upgrade, just add great wheels. But why add 2,000$ wheels on a 1,800$ bike. On this bike I recently did a 70.3 and now that I am hooked, I decided to upgrade to a Cervelo P3. Yes, it really needed wheels, if not, its like driving a Mini Cooper One, instead of Cooper Works.

Wether I make your wheels as my base, or decide to “retire them as training wheels” should I replace them by the big named ones, only time will tell. I will post on this blog my review. I believe I know my bike (the GIANT) well enough that I can tell every difference.

And finally, since I represent the “heavyweight” rider group, I do hope they last…

I’d look into GCN (Global Cycling Network) as well. It’s a British cycling show with a huge following. And the gentlemen that host the show all come from a professional cycling back ground and really seem open and friendly. They do pretty much everything cycling. Product Testing, tech, racing techniques, ect. Good luck james.

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As mentioned by previous posters, DCrainmaker and GCN (Global Cycling Network) are reputable reviewers. GCN also has a ton of great youtube reviews. Another one to toss into the mix is cyclingtips.com.au.

I know a couple of people mentioned DCRainmaker but I’ve never seen him test wheels. Has he tested them in the past?

Agreed. Although it was me who recommended him, i agree he is more of a bike tech reviewer. but I like his reports. very very detailed…

Actually, I reached out to DCRainmaker last year, and had a nice conversation with him. He said that he wasn’t doing wheel reviews. He’s a very nice guy.

Some recommendations sent in via email:

Tour and Fiets

In the EU you should definitely hit up RCUK, BikeRumor, Cycling
Weekly, Cycling News, Bike Radar,

Globally, Pez Cycling News does a lot of good gear reviews.

In the US, obviously you want to his the main cycling magazines, Velo,
Peloton, Road Bike Action, Bicycling, Outside, and RBR. And I think hitting
some major cycling events with the booth like Tour of California, Tour of
Utah, USA Pro Tour in Colorado, the Worlds in Richmond, VA., and even
events like the celebrity gran fondos hosted by George Hincapie, Levi
Leipheimer and others would be a great way to introduce your wheels to the
serious cycling crowd.