Wide Wide Rim Specific Brake Pads

Continuing the discussion from Epic clincher brake clearance:

This is a discussion for the production of the next generation Tokyowheel brake pads, specifically for wide rims.

Here is some background info from our FAQ page:

What’s the difference between your old blue brake pads, the new black brake pads, and Swiss Stop Yellow King Pads?
In the past our wheels shipped with our BlueStop™ brake pads, we then upgraded our brake pads to the newest generation of material technology with our black CeramicChampion™ pads . Essentially you’ll get more stopping power from these pads then the blue ones, without any additional risk of rim overheating. This is always the trade off with brake pads. More stopping power generally means more friction. These new pads contain a ceramic compound, which helps to reduce heat buildup, and compensate for the additional stopping power. One note is you will likely see a ‘dusting’ from the pads, as opposed to some pads which leave a rubber residue on the rim, this dusting helps to eliminate heat build-up due to the abnormalities in the way the rubber residue can collect on the rims. A good example of a brake pad that will give you more stopping power at the expense of this type of rubber build up is the Swiss Stop Yellow King, which we also recommend as an over the counter replacement pad.

Also due to the slightly softer compound in our Ceramic Champion pads wearing more quickly, the pads are a few Millimeters thicker than the bluestop and swiss stop, which is causing fit issues on some brakes.

We have been planing to launch a brake pads that was 2.5mm thinner than usual to compensate for the additional 5mm of rim width on our extra wide rims.

The general options as of the moment are.

  1. Continue with the current Ceramic Champion pads.
  2. Immediately switch back to the Bluestop pads.
  3. Develop a thinner version of the ceramic champion pad (drawback is faster wear, which we would compensate by giving you more sets of pads)
  4. Switch to Swiss Stop Yellow King Pads (With Tokyowheel Co-Branding)

Let us know your feedback and criticism, and we will keep you well informed as we move forward.

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I like option 3 followed by option 2.

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I have no problem with the black brake pads. I ride with many different rims, just fine tune your brakes! The blacks are great but swiss stop is better.


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In order to get the brake pads seat evenly on the rim brake track, considering how open my ultegra and dura ace brake calipers, I had to stone grind the pads to the correct angle. This not only results on optimum braking from day one (because they will eventually wear to angle), but also lower the temperature on the smaller initial contact area.

This has been an ‘issue’ recently. I made the decision to switch back to the bluestop pads so that 100% of customers would be able to get their wheels setup without issue. A few customers that ordered replacement ceramic champion pads said they were significantly better (which we knew, but to what degree this was appreciated by the customer was unknown). Tough situation. So as of today our plan forwards is to ship both bluestop and ceramic champion pads with every wheel and include instructions in our setup email series to explain the difference and application I both. We’ll develop a next gen version of ceramic champion that is thinner, but that’s months away.


Any issue with Swissstop black prince low profile brake pads?

No issue at all, go for it! :+1:

Im using Black Prince pads with a 38 / 50 clincher set and they are remarkable. Precise, confident, excellent feel and no screech. I highly recommend them.

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Prefer Swiss Stop yellow king pads (thinner)
My bike got issue to fix in the rear wheels using Bluestop pads.

Hi, i’m currently using BMC BIKE TM02,

I’m used 60-88 carbon clincher for twice,
This wheel show good performance in cornering very stable, just need aware the crosswind but once i using my rear brake " i was feeling shaking like ABS…:frowning:

Why this happening?
This is the problem, I’m using BMC TM02 Time Trial Bike, bike mechanic after installed the Bluestop pads, he can’t put in the rear wheel size 25mm width at the tire mount and braking surface, even he did the maximum adjustment range from my rear brake caliper also cannot fix in, until he need do some shaving the brake pad. i believe after mechanic shaving in not equal, it effect the brake system ‘SHAKING LIKE ABS’ when i using rear brake.

So i Planing to install a new brake pad, Any recommend ‘Thin brake pad’ especially for my BMC TM02?

I Did research the YellowKing, but not sure the size.
Need to know what size (thickness) brake pad i should use for BMC TM02 bike.
Or Anyone can sharing your experience to me? Thanks

When you say shaking like ABS, is it rhythmic as you slow down? Is there a frequency or pattern to the shaking?

Yes bro, when slow down i can feel the shaking like rhythmic. Any idea can solve this problem?

Hey Jovial,

It sounds like you might have an uneven spot on the braking surface of your rim. If that’s the case, you could get some pulsing when braking. This is actually considered a manufacturing quality issue, and is covered under warranty. If this is the case, then we would love to ship you a set of replacement rims and pay 110% of the cost of having the rims swapped by your local bike shop. Let me know, and we’ll take care of you.

I had access to a micrometer so I took measurements of the braking surface to gain insight variability of the rim. Here’s a link to a youtube video. My guess is that it isn’t a brake pad issue or toe-in problem but rather the rim is just outside of tolerances and that’s the cause of the pulsation you feel when you apply the brake. My concern was addressed by James and all has been good since then and that was several years ago. In fact, I race the replacement wheel every Thursday evening at a local criterium series and only wish I had more power to put to the pedals because the wheels work great for me after the replacement.

Hi James,

Yes, after mechanic checked is confirm my REAR WHEEL 88 carbon clincher have an uneven spot on the braking surface, is hard to see from eyes only can feel on hand when braking, So i didn’t take any pictures or video record on it. We try use another brand carbon wheel on my bike, the problem is solved. So may i know what is the next step on this 110% ? waiting a new wheels from you or you need me send back the wheel to you proved it? i have event on this Month August and September, please revert me as soon as possible. Thanks

Thanks Jovial, yes we’ll help you out. This is covered under warranty. Our support team is contacting you now to finalize things. We’ll get you out riding ASAP! Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Hi James,

I was feeling disappointed in your WARRANTY SUPPORT TEAM.
Regarding my wheel 60-88 clincher BRAKING SURFACE UNEVEN problem was found.

4/August 2016 - You reply me said that covered under warranty.
9/August 2016 - Kane reply me need get some video or photo to proof the issue.
17/August 2016 - I sent out video to Kane, to proof that FRONT WHEEL AND REAR WHEEL having uneven spot on braking surface.
18/August 2016 - Kane very kind to reply me said Order Manager will send out the replacement rims to me.
26/August 2016 - I email Kane to follow up my rims status, about the Tracking Code.
29/August 2016 - Kane reply me the Order Manager said should send the replacement rims on 31/August 2016, but i not received any tracking code from them.
1/September 2016 - I sent a mail ****request the tracking code and Tokyowheel spoke tension chart…- No one reply me.
2/September 2016 - I sent again same mail request tracking code and mention this will affect my wheel warranty period - Still No one reply my mail.
All this dragging almost one month.

Wheel purchase date on 14 June 2016
Received wheel 13 July 2016 already one month, Use for 2 ride already have this issue, and i stop using the wheel from 25 July 2016 until now 6 September 2016, i was missed using this wheel in my 3 Triathlon events.

Why i choose Tokyowheel, because you are mention that (110% money back Guarantee /1 Warranty 2 year crash replacement), i was hard recommend to my Triathletes friends to purchase your wheel, say that design and technology excellent. But i was feeling frustrated why i can’t using this wheel in all my events due to the braking surface problem.

I hope thru to this mail you can solve my problem as soon as possible, otherwise i decide to return the full set wheel to you and get back my money (110% Moneyback guarantee)

Waiting from your reply, Thanks

Hi Jovial. Sorry the warranty process has taken longer than expected for you. I wasn’t working on Sept 1 & 2 (I work weekends, so usually take 2 weekdays off). As mentioned via email, we recently released 3 new products, and celebrated with a big sale, and this has put our build team under unexpectedly heavy load. We have taken on an extra staff member to deal with the extra work. I see that your order was dispatched last Tuesday. It should be with you soon. I will discuss this case with James and TJ when we meet next. Thanks Jovial.

Thanks for posting your frustrations @Jovial_Chan . Hopefully and I fully expect that @James_Ferrer will use this as an opportunity to better his team’s handling of customer service issues. Sorry to hear you had couldn’t use your wheels for several events. To me it seems this indicates that a more stringent quality protocol needs to be deployed.